About Us

Hong Kong Exhibition Services Association (Charity) Limited (ESA) is a non-profit organization formed in October 2015 to cohere the exhibition professionals in Hong Kong. ESA aims at contributing to the society by nurturing future talents as well as raising the industry’s awareness of environment protection and occupational safety. Moreover, the Association endeavors to promote the development of the Hong Kong exhibition industry; explore more business opportunities; advance the industry’s recognition in Asia and continually enhance the city’s reputation of “Asia’s Trade Fair Capital” by connecting with overseas exhibition associations.


Hong Kong Exhibition Services Association (Charity) Limited (ESA) is a non-profit organization formed in October 2015 to cohere the exhibition professionals in Hong Kong. ESA aims at contributing to the society by nurturing future talent

1. Overview

Hong Kong Exhibition Services Association (Charity) Limited (ESA) follows the principles of “Communicate, Service, Environmental Protection, Education” to act as a bridge for the exhibition industry and to advocate the coherence of our members and practitioners in the industry. We also strive to boost the development of the industry by organizing training to attract suitable calibres to join the industry. With a significant role in the Hong Kong exhibition industry, our members are actively involved in the production, project management, booth design and assembly of all kinds of exhibition, conference, shopping mall event, movie premiere, concert, carnival, etc.

2. Membership (Application form)

In addition to our vast number of members, we intend to recruit all practitioners who are related to the exhibition industry including electricians, carpenters, iron workers, aluminum workers, painters, carpet workers, designers, executive, etc. With monthly committee meeting and regular online update on the website, the Association targets to exchange industry news and inquire the difficulties faced by the industry and thus find the solutions.

3. Networking

There are regular networking events in the industry which reinforce the communication and the bonding among the members. For the purpose of promoting the common interest of the industry and further exchange and cooperation with overseas exhibition professionals, the Association holds regular meetings with executives of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center and Asia-World Expo. The strengthened communication and collaboration between members can further enhance the rights, welfare and responsibilities of the members and raise the practitioner’s loyalty towards the industry.

4.Community Service

The Event, Exhibition & Display Association of Hong Kong believes a successful and responsible corporation must be actively involved in the communities. In order to help the low-income population in the society to gain valuable skills and raise competitiveness for better employment opportunities, the Association will organize non-profit vocational training for the underprivileged groups, minorities, new immigrants, youths, etc. We will organize seminars and workshops regularly with vocational training to enhance their understandings of the exhibition industry. Ultimately they can improve their skills, build a lifelong career and explore business opportunities which can contribute to the society.

5. Advocating Environment Protection

There are hundreds of exhibition and conference held in Hong Kong annually and most of them only last several days. The exhibition materials are rarely reused and are very polluting. The Association will promote environmental protection practices to the industry’s practitioners including exhibitors and contractors by having recycle bins in the venues and on-site ambassadors to instruct practitioners to categorize and handle recyclable materials. The recycled exhibition materials will be reused or donated to social welfare organization or people in need if the materials are suitable for storage.

6. Manpower Training

One major objective of the Association’s establishment is to develop and nurture talents for the sustainable development of the industry. One of our training projects is organizing the on-the-job training program of “First-Hire-Then-Train” with our members. While our members will assist the Association to organize the course and qualification system, the Association will provide teaching materials and course syllabus.

Hong Kong Exhibition Servicew Association Missionn Statement

Chairman's Words

Mr. Man Wong


After a period of preparation, Hong Kong Exhibition Services Association (ESA) was formed in last year with the support of the Hong Kong exhibition industry. Under the principles of “Responsibility Mission, Driving Continuously, Carrying on the Development of the Industry”, we have spared no efforts in promoting job opportunities, driving industrial arts, innovating research and development, assisting different communities and advocating environment protection, etc, so that the Hong Kong exhibition industry can continue to flourish and comparable with international level standards.

In addition, act as a bridge for the exhibition industry, and on behalf of the congregation / our members, we will keep in close communication with the stakeholders of the exhibition industry and aim to lead the industry operation be more standardization and create a prosperous future.